Best Gardening Robots: A Detailed Guide with pricing

Struck with other work? or Are you lazy or tired today for garden chores? or out of home for many days? Worried about your backyard Garden? Here is the solution to all these problems.

best gardening robots

We already know robots are in many places like the Manufacturing industries, Aerospace space industries. Now we have robots in Garden Space as-well. Depends upon the robot model help the gardeners automate the process from planting the seed, watering, to the weeding of unwanted plants. Here 5 top best robots listed from doing all the jobs to a specific job.

RobotJobs that Robot do Uses/Pros
1. Farmbot GenisisPlanting seed, Soil testing, watering, weeding the plants, take photos of the plant when you are away from the garden, turn on/off lights, controlled by web app, it is just like playing game, Open source, you can farm from anywhere.
2. TertillWeeding weeds every day, shows current status in app, solar powered, chemical free, weather proof, 4 wheel drive, autonomous
3. Garden SpaceWatering, plants data, soil data, squirt water on trespassing animals come to steal the cropswifi controlled, solar powered
4. Grillbotcleaning of grilling surfacebrushes are dishwasher safe, Rechargeable battery
5. Click and GrowAutomated led based light for plants (indoor)requires electricity, indoor gardening, maintenance free

Farmbot Genisis – 100% open source

Farmbot is a 100% open-source garden robot that can do all the garden chores for you. It basically drag and drop farming, which means you can design the bed with plants however you need it to be planted.

What Garden Jobs Farmbot can do?

Farmbot can do the following operations,

  • Sow Seeds
  • Waters plants
  • Get rid of unwanted weeds
  • Monitor the soil and sunlight
  • It can grab a different tool for each task required to do.

We can control the farm bot from anywhere globally, using its user-friendly application with a camera. But It needs electricity to run.

What is the price of Farmbot?

Presently there are four models of Farmbot, Farmbot Express, which is 1495$ and Farmbot Express XL, which is 1750$. Farm board Genisis full kit costs around 3750-4500$.

Why Farmbot is great for your Garden?

This is the only robot that is open source, does all the chores from seeding the plants, watering, weeding, monitoring your plants, soil, and even it will alert you when vegetables need to be harvested.

You can even 3D print and CNC all the parts and pieces yourself if you don’t want to spend 3750-4500$. At this price, I am not so convinced of ROI because it takes a long time to pays off itself.

Tertill – From the Creator of Roomba

This little turtle kind of robot is great for the backyard garden.
Weatherproof, Solar-powered, chemical-free weeding robot for the garden.

It’s about the same size as the Roomba vacuum cleaner because it was created by the same person called Roomba.

This Tertill made of 4 wheel drive robot made to recognize and remove weeds.Its weather resistance, solar powered makes it unique.

Literally you no need to do anything just turn on the Tertill and see it working daily 24/7 removing weeds for you.

On cloudy days its manage itself go fewer rounds to cut weeds. It works mostly in the sunny part of the day.

What Garden Jobs Tertill can do?

Tertill can only do the weeding part of Gardening, I liked it, but I wanted it to do just more than weeding.

What is the price of Tertill?

This little Tertill robot costs 300$ for 1 piece, which can cover weeding a 100 feet garden. If we do the simple math as 10$ spent for an hour and 2 hours for the week its 20$ and for 16 weeks (veg garden lifespan) than 320$ worth of time in 16 week season.

Why Tertill is a good choice for your garden?

It is autonomous, Just turn on and forget about it, the job will be done. Its weatherproof, solar-powered, chemical-free with these features, ROI as explained above this robot justifies itself to every gardener to try this out.

If they can come out with more than just a wedding job. I am sure this product will boom in the market.

Garden Space

Garden Space works on camera based pictures and AI, They are constantly improving algorithms to make it better.

Garden space is easy to use, all you need to do is connect water supply, wifi. Handy app will help you to command your robot.

Garden space robot sits in the middle of your garden and monitors, protects and waters garden plants. Mobile application is there to help you, if you are newbie or expert gardener. This Robot is solar powered so, no need to worry about electricity.

What Garden Jobs Garden space robot can do?

Garden space Robot Monitoring Garden

It has 360 degree camera to monitor plants heath and growth rate. It will help you know what’s happening in your garden. You can look over entire garden no matter where ever you are.

Garden space Watering Garden

Depends on the selection of plants in the app, weather, thermal sensor reading, precise water will be given to plant (trying to minimize the waste of water).

It knows exactly how much your plant needs water (stress of water on plant) and then it waters. No more worrying about under and over watering.

It checks weather also before watering. also makes sure you are not watering before a rainstorm.

Garden space Protection against unwanted guests

Garden space senses uninvited guests on the garden and water them away until they are away from your garden in an harm free way.

What is the price of Garden Space robot?

Garden space root costs around 400$. This perfectly fits my garden by making sure of the monitoring of plants from uninvited guests, watering my plants.

Why Garden Space robot best suited for your garden?

This robot has features like monitoring of plants, watering plants, protecting from pests. If we include a combination of the Tertill robot with this robot it will be a complete package for gardening.


Grillbot is an automatic grill cleaning robot that cleans the surface of the barbecue but still, you need to manually brush the stuff between grates.

Grillbot has 3 brushes driven by 3 electric motors, you can order grillbot individually or by full kit which is 145$ includes carrying case and 3 nylon brushes. you can also order these individually

What can the Grillbot robot do?

It is easy to use and does the job of cleaning grills. A rechargeable battery powers it, and more this is dishwasher safe.

What is the price of Grillbot?

Grillbot costs 130$ for 1 piece, which will clean the grills while taking a rest in the garden if we order a full kit, including brushes and casing, which costs 145$.

Click and Grow- indoor plant equipment

Indoor plants Gardening mostly planned by those who stay in apartment when they actually don’t have space for outdoor gardening either front yard or backyard. or if they have cold winters or someone who hates going outside for gardening.

click and grow is most advanced indoor gardening technology which allows to plant and pour water which is sufficient for the month.

This device needs electricity and lights provided instead of sunlight. we have kind of plastic cover which creates kind of green house to quick sprout of plants and grow healthily and quickly.

What click and Grow can do?

Auto 16 hours of lightning (energy efficient), pour water and forget for month (it will be sufficient).

What is the price of Click and row?

This device costs 100$ again depends on the color and if you want to buy limited edition it costs around 130$.

Other Indoor Devices for Gardening.

  • Water pixel Desktop
  • Niwa One Premium Smart Garden
  • AeroGarden Farm Plus Hydroponic Garden
  • OPCOM Vertical Hydroponic Garden
  • Herbert Hydroponic Garden

I don’t want go in-depth over each other as they all have same things.

With all these technologies still its not cost effective to get things done by robots this year, may be in future I will use these but they are worth checking out to get good information.

Thank you for reading!!!


I love and passionate about gardening. All these started a few years back, planting, watering plants, and helping the plants grow without any diseases. I enjoy spending time with plants, greenery which gives me peace of mind.

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