How To Propagate Lucky Bamboo?

Lucky bamboo is one of the famous and commonly found plants in houses/offices. Expert says it’s good that these plants are gifted to you than buying in terms of luck.

bamboo plant which have shoots

Lucky bamboo is not one of the species of bamboo instead it is a species of Dracaena. Lucky bamboo can be easily propagated by taking a mother or parent stalk which has a healthy branch, cutting it with the right tools, keeping it in a pure water container, giving enough light, and making it grow roots makes it easy and takes less time to propagate.

Quick Tip

If lucky bamboo is injested it is toxic to cat, dog, childrens

Preparing for Propagation of Lucky Bamboo

1. Removing Lucky Bamboo Stalks From Container

First most thing is to remove the lucky bamboo from the container, we need to be careful about roots of stalks as they easily get cuts or destroyed.

First remove all the pebbles, take out the lucky bamboo stalks carefully. Remove the knots which is usually tied to keep all the lucky bamboo stalks together.

After carefully removing knots separate the each stalk from your hands.

2. Selecting The Healthy Mother Lucky Bamboo Stalk

Once you separated stalks from bunch of stalks, you need to remove the stalks if you found any stalk rotting. or which are in brown color or very soft stalks.

Now it’s time to select a healthy mother stalk for cutting, take the one which is grown bigger and healthy branch which also has also some leaves in it.

3. Choosing Right Tools

Before using the cutting tools like scissor or trimmer, you need to sanitize the tools with hot water and rub it with cleaned isothermic alcohol cleaners, Later use a clean cloth to dry it.

Propagating and Taking care of Child stalk

4. Cutting Child Shoot From The Mother Stalk

Using a scissor, trimmer, or sharp knife trim off new shoots as close to the mother stalk as possible. Later trim off the bottom of new shoots nearly 1/4 inch to make them straight cut.

If you don’t cut it properly shoots or plant may suffer from bacteria or disease.

5. Removing Leaves From Child Shoot

Remove the leaves from the child shoot from the bottom and leave only one or two leaves on the top, to speed up the procedure of rooting.

Use the hands and don’t use any tools to remove the leaves.

6. Using pebbles to give support to new stalk

Use pebbles to give support to child stalk, without that it won’t stay in one position

Without pebbles new stalks wont get firm position, and may float also.

7. Placing the new shoots in water / potting in Soil

placing in water

place the shoots in a pure (distilled) or RO filtered drinking water container with around 4 inches of water.

You should not completely merge the new shoots in water, if you have more than 1 shoot, can keep in the same jar.

If you don’t have pure water, keep the tap water in a jar for 24 hr and let it stay, then use that water for lucky bamboo shoots.

Be sure shoots leaves are not touching water, if so leaves will start to rot.

Quick tip

Use transparent container with pebbles to show off your lucky bamboo plant.

potting in soil

clean the pot with hot water and rub with a good cloth to remove the water droplets.

Use the good well-drained potting mix to prepare the soil for growing lucky bamboo shoots.

Make sure there is drainage hole is there in pot, otherwise plant root may starts to rot with stagnant water.

Compared to lucky bamboo growing in water, growing in the soil give you good results and grows very fast.

Fertilize the soil if required, Liquid light fertilizer is enough for lucky bamboo plant

8. Placing new shoots in in-direct sunlight to start roots

Once you put the lucky bamboo in water or soil you need to care to get good results, as of such bright indirect sunlight is one of the major things to consider.

You also should not keep lucky bamboo in direct sunlight it may burn the plant, instead keep it in a near partially shaded window where it gets a lot of indirect sunlight every day.

9. Top-up/ change the water

Small shoots change the water regularly life at least every 15 days, for the well-grown shoots you can change the water every 30 days.

Lucky bamboo likes pure distilled water if it is very difficult to find distilled water you can also use RO purified drinking water.

If you want to use tap water keep it in a container for 24 hours in the container, later water the plant

10. Changing to the bigger container after getting new roots

Once you get the new roots in the new shoots (requires at least one month to grow new roots ) you can place them in a bigger container.

Caring Mother Stalk After Propagation

11. Trimming off the Mother stalk after taking the child stalk

Trim of the top above next node, where you cut off the new shoots, best below the quarter-inch, you can make the clean-cut, you can also use cardboard at the back for support to make the clean-cut.

Use the sharp knife, sanitized to cut the shoot to prevent infection from another plant

12. Tipping the top of Mother stalk in Wax

Once you cut the shoot, to prevent the show from infection, you need to boil the wax (white and unsented wax is better) for 30 minutes (to get it in the liquid form )and dip the top of the shoot to seal the cutting.

Use the unscented white soy wax instead of dyes, fragrance, petroleum based wax which will damage the plant.

13. Return the stalks to Container

Once you sealed wax to the mother stalk you can tie all the stalks and keep them in the previous container.

Fill the distilled water or purified water in the container and add pebbles to stabilize the stalks in the container, add fertilizer if required, and place it back to the original place.


Q. How to propagate lucky bamboo in soil?

A. Take the healthy parent plant with shoots, cut it with tools like a knife, pruner. use a well-drained potting mix for soil, if you are using an old pot- sanitize first, make sure you have a drainage hole in the pot. pot the new shoots in a pot and keep it in bright indirect sunlight for root growth. water it whenever necessary. use wax to seal the mother plant.

Q. Does the bamboo regrow when cut

A. yes, bamboo will grow in the form of new shoots making another branch from the parent plant. Bamboo will not grow more height in the same stalk.


I am wishing you let your lucky bamboo shoots will grow fast, healthy, and let it give good vibes for you (Luck).

Lucky bamboo is one of the famous and commonly found plants in houses/offices…


I love and passionate about gardening. All these started a few years back, planting, watering plants, and helping the plants grow without any diseases. I enjoy spending time with plants, greenery which gives me peace of mind.

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