Why Is My Moon Cactus Turning Yellow?

While cacti can survive in the harsh land of the deserts, they can still experience hardship when grown indoor or when used as gardening plant. Cactuses that are cultivated in pot show they are stressed out by yellowing. Stress can be caused from numerous factors like improper watering, wrong sunlight exposure, etc. While they can handle a bit of neglect, succulent plants like the cactus will need to be set in the proper conditions to grow healthy.

moon cactus

Reasons why moon cactus is turning yellow

Colors usually tell a lot about the plant’s health. Though every case is unique in its complexity, there are some general reasons which can cause your cactus to develop a yellowish tint. if we take good care most of them will return to their original color.

1. Placement

Though cacti can be looked after easily, they require a very specific amount of direct light per day. Most of them state that a full day of sunlight i.e. around six to nine hours is required, putting it on the window or open garden or backyard directly can be overwhelming for the plant.

Instead, place your cacti behind a thin curtain. The amount of sunlight that passes through it would be sufficient, and the plant wont burn from sunrays. If you’re growing cacti in your backyard, you should plant them in places where they would get a sufficient amount of sunlight, but not burn the plant.

2. Watering incorrectly

As we know cacti are considered desert plants, but they still need to be watered properly. Whenever you’re watering your succulent, you should make sure water is draining from the drainage holes. Though you’ve poured enough water but nothing is getting out from the holes on the bottom of the pot, remove any stones stuck at the bottom. Most of them are sold this way and they often block the drainage.

Watering your cactus very often can be a problem. If the soil too wet you can see a yellow shade developing on the succulent. This causes stress, and the plant can’t live in such moist conditions. You should water the cactus only when the soil is fully dry. You can use an inexpensive moisture meter, so that you can precisely measure the level of moisture in the soil and then add necessary water needed.

Not providing enough water can also be a problem. If you water your cactus once in a month, it will turn yellow. Make sure to regularly water your cactus, as the nutrients provided by the water are vital and play a major role in the development of the plant.

One way to avoid this mistake is to set remainder on your phone when to water your plant in equal intervals. If you monitor your cactus for a month or so, you will understand what is the perfect time interval for watering your plant.

3. The water used

The possibility of using the tap water to water your cactus causes in ruining the soil of your cactus. Examine the top layer of the soil of your plant. If you see white stains, then you have softened the soil by using tap water. It’s not good to water your cactus with tap water because it forms salt crystals and they suck most of the water from the plant.

In such cases, repot the plant in a diffrent soil specifically made for cacti. It’s quite inexpensive and it’s easily found in every botanic garden or stores.

4. Environmental Shock

In case you’ve just purchased your succulent and the cactus already developing a yellowish tint, it may be because of the environmental change, as it requires few time to adjust to the new environment.

But this isn’t common, it may be the cause of some problem. Continue to water it appropriately and if the problem does not resolve and is still persistent consider repotting the cactus in different and better soil.

5. Its a yellow cactus

There are some cacti that start off as green but eventually turn yellow over the time. If you aren’t sure if that’s the case with your plant, go to the place where you bought the plant from and question them. You can also google the reason and the species of your cactus.

Monitor the plant daily carefully to check any further changes. If the cactus looks healthy and only the colour changes from green to yellow with our causing any damage to your plant then most likely everything is fine.

6. The pot is just too tiny

While growing a succulent most of the time baby/small cacti can sprout from the soil. this might cause most plant to show yellow as yellowing may be a sign of stress in succulents, most likely the pot is just too tiny for the cause.

Move the most succulent to a much bigger pot to avoid overloading and stress. Invest within the correct and sensible quality of soil yet. you’ll be able to add separate these smaller succulents(if multiple) from the most cactus and pot them severally.

7. Problem with Pests

Most of the cacti don’t have a big downside with most of the pests, each species of cacti has their own gadfly nemesis. looking on the kind of succulent you’ve cultivated, you must analysis that gadfly will cause a haul.
Since yellowing may be a sign of stress, the color modification is also the primary sign that your succulent encompasses a gadfly downside.

8. Mineral Deficiency

If the minerals within the soil aren’t spare enough, the color of the succulent can show it. Since cactuses area unit pretty robust plants, they are doing would like correct soil so as to survive.

The soil ought to be modified often and fertile properly, particularly throughout the season (mid-spring to mid-autumn). this is able to facilitate within the development of healthy plant.

Does Moon Cactus Die Because Of Color Change?

Moon succulent area unit resilient and may survive with tokenish care. A modification of alter the moon succulent doesn’t typically mean that the plant is dying. you would like to rigorously observe the modification and confirm the conditions that may have triggered for such a modification. If the succulent turns yellow, soft to the touch, and emits a foul odour, then you must take immediate steps to save lots of the plant from dying. however if the plant seems to be all healthy and in physical fitness despite the colour modification, then you must not worry an excessive amount of.

Sometimes a modification of alter a moon succulent will be a signal of fine health. allow us to say that you just step by step exposed your plant to intense lightweight, and it gets even additional spirited and healthier, then it’s an honest sign that your plant has custom-made to the condition. However, suppose the case of your moon succulent is severe discoloration (yellow and brown) amid mushy tissues and plant disease caused by overwatering. therein case, it’s a signal of a dying succulent.

However you’ll be able to save the half that’s not tormented by discoloration. Suppose the rootstock turns yellow at the bottom, you’ll be able to save the remaining plant by removing the broken half. Wait until the cut is thickened and well before replanting.

Discolored moon succulent will recover looking on the severity of the harm. Moon succulent descendant that’s severely scorched has no method of bouncing back. however the rootstock, that if it’s still inexperienced, desires some saving by de-grafting or removing the sunburned descendant. permit the highest move heal and callous. Rootstock that’s yellow and mushy from the bottom up to the descendant can not be saved. The descendant but will be saved if it’s not tormented by decay rootstock. It will be re-grafted to a different new rootstock to increase its era.

Does The Texture of The Cactus Change?

When the top and the base cactus lose their color due to overexposure to sun and dehydration, their body becomes stiff and crisp. You can still save the plant in this scenario. However, if the case involves over watering accompanied with plant disease and zymosis, the consistency of the affected half becomes tender, wobbly, and mushy. These ar signs of a dying moon succulent.


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