How To Grow Touch Me Not Plant Without Seeds?

Touch me not plant is also known as shy plant, Mimosa pudica (scientific name), sensitive plant, tickle me, sleeping plant, humble plant,chuimui, amourette herbe, herbe sensible, pinahuixtle, quecupatli, mori vivi, Lojjaboti known for its sensitivity. Whenever we touch the plant leaves, it closes the leaves (protection) was the best natural protection from nature.

This plant is grown well in zone USDA 7-13.

touch me not plant

To grow to touch me not plant without seeds we can use layering method in which we bend and pin the stems, make some wound to plant and burry underground for growing new roots, later separate new plant. another way is by stem cutting around 3-4 inches, and dip in rooting hormone and try to root.

When I was a kid I always use to play with this plant. Used to touch all of these leaves while coming from school which was usually grown near the road.

Stories apart, I always used to grow this plant from seed so that I get more success rate than layering or stem cutting method.

I also tried these two methods as well but they have less success rate of growing to touch me not plant.

Here is the video to propagate touch me not plant.

You can buy the touch me not seed plants from this link

Here are the steps/methods that I followed to grow to touch me not plant without seeds:

1. Layering Method to grow Touch me not plant

Layering is a simple way to propagate plants vegetatively, Many plants do this naturally but when we need to propagate we can do it manually also.

In the natural method tips of the branches meet the ground and starts to root all on their own and Gardeners can intentionally do this for propagation.

By bending flexible stem and pinning to the ground and making stem wound with a sharp knife and putting some rooting hormone to improve the rooting of the touch me not plant.

I would like to do this kind of layering method because the child plant is attached to the mother plant until it developed roots to survive on its own.

They don’t require much care as the mother plant takes care of it.

Burying the stem to ground 1-2 inches into the ground is another option. otherwise, you take some good quality soil or coco peat and you can stick to the plant to get new roots.

Once your child plant grew well and if you feel it have enough strength to take care of itself you can disconnect from the mother plant and plant it separately.

2. Stem cutting method to grow Touch me not plant

planning to start to grow to touch me not plant from the stem, it’s very simple to follow these steps.

It required more attention to plant compare to other layering or by seed methods.

With this stem cutting method, the plant is in a race with time to grow new roots and dry out.

I suggest you use the rooting hormone so that it will speed up the process of rooting.

For the stem, cutting use a clean sharp knife or scissors, small pots, and rooting hormone and potting mix.

Cut down stems at least more than three to four inches of long stems with scissors.

Dip the bottom-most part of the stem to the rooting hormone, and make space in the pot, firmly fix it pot.

Don’t place it in reverse it won’t grow if you place the stem upside down.

Place the new individual cutting into cover making on top to open which makes it as the greenhouse effect.

Give it good sunlight or artificial light or keep it in good light space.

Don’t fertilize until roots are firmly rooted and don’t forget to pinch if any new buds came for the flower.

Here are the steps you can follow once the touch me not plant start to grow:

After Layering, Stem Cutting How to care Touch me not plants?

Exposure to Sunlight

It good to have full sunlight, it thrives well in partial sun light also. It requires atleast 4-5 hours sunlight to grow its fullness.

If you cannot give direct sunlight, please make sure you can give artificial light.


It can grow on any type of soil, but it grows well in loose, moist and well drainable soil. It requires PH level of 6-7 to grow well.

We can use cocopeat to get quicker and more success in rooting. We can also 50% of sand for this.


we can water daily on growing touvh me not plant. We need to cut down on watering on Winter.
Avoid excess watering to plant, this will result in root rot.

If you water your plant very early or late night then it may also suffers from root rot, This plant also may be affected from scales and aphids also.

Over water harms the plant than the under watering.


Remove any dead stem/ branches from the plant time to time for good look and to maintain healthiness of plant.

Use sharp cleaned knife or scissors to prune the plant.

Over winter / Freezing cold

In the harsh freezing winter we need to add extra mulch to foot of the plant to maintain temperature, and if possible please move the plant inside.


Use slow releasing liquid fertilizer for touch me not plant. Ferilizer should be applied in early spring to get its full effect on plants.


How To Grow Touch Me Not plant From Cutting?

For the stem cutting, use a clean sharp knife or scissors, small pots, and rooting hormone and potting mix. To start take at least 3-4 inches stem and dip the bottom of the stem into rooting hormone, moist once and give enough sunlight to stem to grow its roots. Once roots are grown transfer to a bigger pot.

Final Thoughts:

Let me know in the comments are you able to grow your touch me not/ shy plant from layering or stem cutting method.


I love and passionate about gardening. All these started a few years back, planting, watering plants, and helping the plants grow without any diseases. I enjoy spending time with plants, greenery which gives me peace of mind.

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