How To Bury A Trampoline In The Ground For Ultimate Safety


Trampoline is one of the best garden game to enjoy for kids, Many doctors say trampoline is not safe to play.

There are many advantages to burying trampoline in the garden,
1. This cannot be spotted easily doesn’t look odd; it looks good.
2. you don’t even need more safety enclosure because falling from the buried trampoline chances are very less.
3. You no need to move the trampoline for cleaning or for cutting grass.
4. Less moving parts.
5. you can also save money by eliminating the safety enclosure kit.

Installing a trampoline in the ground, at the backyard garden to avoid injuries, risk, and increase safety? wait no longer read on…

Planning and Preparing

1. Check the Garden space for Trampoline

The first thing is first, You need to check the garden space, decided on the trampoline. The trampoline comes in many sizes and shapes gets the correct one that you need for your garden.

Find out the correct size of the trampoline that fits correctly in your garden. If you are planning to buy a mini-trampoline or a big trampoline, get the dimensions to buy the correct size of the trampoline.

Trampoline is not only for kids. Adults also can exercise on it so buying the larger one is suggested (But you need to have that much space in your garden to keep it).

2. Buy the correct size Trampoline

Now you know which size gonna fit in your garden, So get the correct size of trampoline to bury in Garden.

You can buy a Trampoline offline, online by ecommerce website which ever you gets the best deal choose that.

Round shaped Trampoline is mostly used and suggested by experts.

3. Mark the place where you need to burry

Hurray now you bought a trampoline, next step is to mark where it needs to burry, use spray paint to mark the place to get the appropriate radius.

Digging the Garden

4. Use the right tools

You can use tools like shovel, level, tin snips, hammer (to make it level), drill, tamper (to compact the soil) for digging and keeping, and trampoline in hole firmly.

5. Dig the garden where you marked earlier

Use the tools like mechanical digger, or use by professional hole digger. you can also dig the hole all by yourself but it takes a long time to dig. If you have helpers it may take less time than a week.

Make sure you are not digging in the Rainy season because water may go in the hole and causes a problem when you start digging. It’s better to dig in the Summer season.

Keep the hole height same as trampoline height so that it fits perfectly in soil.

Burying Trampoline

6. Keep the soil Handy

some times you may dig big size of hole, or may need to more soil on borders of trampoline to fix it tightly and firmly.

Many people use extra soil to fill the gap. keep in mind that your trampoline height should be hole height, to fix it firmly.

7. Keep in mind about air escape when bouncing

Experts also advice to keep trampoline 4 inches above the ground, when ever you bounce, air may come out through that gap.

This may also cause problems there may be also chances that when you bounce limbs may also get stuck in the gap, to overcome this, you better install air vents to escape.

8. Install water pipes to air escape

Instead of keeping extra top 4 inches you can install the water pipes to escape the air.

Holes under the trampoline helps to drain the water if you use a garden hose on the trampoline or if it rains heavily.

If required install water pipes to escape the air or water through the pipes

If your garden is water clogged you may not be able to bury the trampoline underground.

9. Plan to keep water out of the ground when it rains

If your soil drains very slowly, you can trench under the trampoline to keep the water sometime (until it dries out) to dry out the water slowly. Make sure this doesn’t imbalance the existing structure of the trampoline.
You can also fill gravel (stones to absorb water quickly) in a trench to absorb quickly.

10. Ensure the edge of the trampoline doesn’t collapse

Hope your garden has good firm soil so that it won’t collapse. If the soil is sandy or slippery you can use the concrete to make it strong holes and fix that in one place when you are bouncing, it will avoid accidents.

One tip is to install the flexible bands kind of pipes that will help in keeping the air out and it will avoid accidents.

You also create donut kind of bed around the trampoline to fill the additional gaps, and makes it easier for children to have fun.

Final Thoughts

Doctors say Falling from a trampoline may lead to serious injuries, so to keep it safe, we need to burry the trampoline underground to make it safe for kids to play.


I love and passionate about gardening. All these started a few years back, planting, watering plants, and helping the plants grow without any diseases. I enjoy spending time with plants, greenery which gives me peace of mind.

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